Thursday, November 27, 2008


Even though we think of thanking the Lord each and every day for life and the opportunities He gives us each day, I find this a wonderful idea to have a day to thank Him and everybody who surround us and do so much for us.
There are so many people who have done so much for me, you guys know it, the one who invited us to come to this town and stay at his home... the one that gives us so much love inviting us to her home often, who considers us like family... The one young family who gives Julio work to do in his workshop... the one lady who helps me with my problems at the office... that person who has so much patience with me and teaches me everything he can. The one who puts up with me everyday... The one family who shows so much appreciation everytime I go to say hi. Those 5 who love me with my + and -... Thank you so much everybody... The example I receive help me get through in life when I need it.
It is the beginning of our Thanksgiving day... Lani, Gilmer, Crisdee, Jared and the beautiful Keera and Kaeden, Luis and his dad will be here to join us at our table. I hope Crisdee downloads some pictures for us here. Love you.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

JULIO is 59 now!

Our wonderful girls invited Julio to his favorite restaurant in town to celebrate his 59th b-day yesterday Nov. 19th...
After dinner we went to Crisdee and Jared's house to sing Happy Birthday and blow the candles on a delicious strawberry cake Crisdee made for him.... We had a wonderful time with Keera dressing up in her princess dress and singing for "abuelito". I don't know what our lives would be without our dear grandkids.. they are all so sweet... Alana and Diego of course called to say Happy Birthday... We miss them so much...!
Today we had to drive to Spokane to take the test for being Certified Interpreters... We'll learn if we passed the test in one month and then go to the oral test... Wish us luck! It isn't as easy as it seems! After the test we went to PF Chang's to have lunch... I owed it to him.. He loves their food too!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remembering Ken Earl on Veterans Day

Veterans Day
It is almost 2 o'clock in the afternoon on Veterans Day and I don't have anything pending at the office, so I decided I would say a word about my favorite Veteran, who even though has passed away has left a big mark in our lives... and that is Ken Earl... What a sweet man , not only to his beautiful wife but to everyone who said hello to him. And to think that he served his country, our Lord and Moses Lake during his entire life. I wish well deserved words came to me, all I can say is that he was a good example to many of us, I thank him for everything he taught my wonderful husband, Julio. I came to realize, when we moved here... that Julio had a lot of attributes he had inherited, or learned, from the Earls.
I thank the Lord for living in this country where freedom is practiced and worked for... Freedom is being gained by the sacrifice of many families who have lost a dear one.
I felt I had to write this down so my children an rest of the family knows I appreciate my blessings and the good people I have met.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween is here!

Crisdee and the kids are all excited about Halloween... My goodness, stores sell so many costumes.... and so cheap... On Saturday, Crisdee got them at $10 at the Disney Store... Keera was a Little Red Riding Hood and Kaeden was Mickey Mouse... so cute!!
Thursday we have a Stake Halloween party, it promises to be good, even Crisdee and Jared will wear a custome... Julio and I will go to enjoy the party.
We are excited because as soon as Halloween goes, the party starts... Thanksgiving will be here soon and then.... Max graduates on December 12, 2008.... Great day for the Lunas... Our little boy worked his butt out to get his Degree at the University... I can't believe it... He graduates with a degrees in International Business. We wish him the best. Oh! by the way my dad will be here from New Jersey for the graduation party and Christmas... Hope he feels at home with us.


Going to Seattle, I viewed myself chasing Crisdee with the kids around the shopping mall. And indeed, we did that for quite some time, but Crisdee had plans to go to at least a Pumpkin Patch and even though I was tired from "shopping" I decided I was going to help with at least one of the my beautiful grandkids... And it paid off! I helped Keera out of the van and we saw the truck for the hay ride ready to go... I let her know we needed to hurry and she said "Oh abuelita I am sooo happy! You make me happy... Thank you abuelitaaa! That was the best medicine for my tiredness, she gave me a solution full of love and energy... since then I had the best time on the hay ride and collecting pumpkins... she would put whatever pumpkin she liked in the wheel barrow and her mother also got one, and on we went back to Eduardo and Chio's house to have the b-day party for Nicolas, who turns 7 this next week.
After the party Daniel and Charo Hooker and their 4 kids stayed for Karaoke time! Everybody sang but me because I have a terrible cough, but I had a good time. On Sunday we had a rested morning at the Monteros' house and then we went to Church for the Primary Presentation where Nicolas sang... He looked gorgeous!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wonderful 8 days

Julio, Heather, Alana and Diego arrived in Moses Lake on monday April 7.

It was great to have the kids and Heather here, but it was more special for me (Alina) to see Julio again. It felt like we hadn't seen for months... but he just came to work on the table he had to finish for the Stake, so he spent most of his time in his shop.

So, when I could, I spent time and had lots of fun with Alana, Diego and Keera, they are so much fun to watch!! I hope Crisdee posts pictures here so you can see what I am talking about!

We celebrated Alana's 3rd birthday at the house on Bouldercrest and we had friends and family over.

Then on sunday the 13th little Kaeden was blessed and Crisdee organized a barbecue with the family... This is so beautiful!! Specially because the happiness we enjoy can be forever!! This will never end... incredible!! We just have to be good, persevere holding to the rod and the Lord will allow us to be together!! Thank you Lord!!!!!!