Thursday, November 27, 2008


Even though we think of thanking the Lord each and every day for life and the opportunities He gives us each day, I find this a wonderful idea to have a day to thank Him and everybody who surround us and do so much for us.
There are so many people who have done so much for me, you guys know it, the one who invited us to come to this town and stay at his home... the one that gives us so much love inviting us to her home often, who considers us like family... The one young family who gives Julio work to do in his workshop... the one lady who helps me with my problems at the office... that person who has so much patience with me and teaches me everything he can. The one who puts up with me everyday... The one family who shows so much appreciation everytime I go to say hi. Those 5 who love me with my + and -... Thank you so much everybody... The example I receive help me get through in life when I need it.
It is the beginning of our Thanksgiving day... Lani, Gilmer, Crisdee, Jared and the beautiful Keera and Kaeden, Luis and his dad will be here to join us at our table. I hope Crisdee downloads some pictures for us here. Love you.


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Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

HAPPY BIRTDAY (tarde Ensene su pagina a Fernando Aguero